Survivors’ Guide: Surpluses

Surpluses occur when supply exceeds demand. Good harvests produces surpluses which are stored for use later. Surpluses in the global food chain, with ability to move anything anywhere, are located in the area of production awaiting a buyer. Affluent societies buy, poor ones can’t afford to. When starvation sets in charitable organisations or the United Nations buy and ship surpluses as relief, usually too little and too late. About an eighth of the world population are undernourished. Millions die of starvation every year, including over 3 million little children.

Capitalists manipulate supply artificially to keep oil prices high. Surpluses are avoided or held back to maintain high prices at petrol pumps and for heating oil. Since the middle of the twentieth century oil, food and water supplies have been skilfully controlled at levels the majority can afford but large minorities, even in the developed world, cannot afford. There are significant numbers of families on the bread line in the USA, UK, France, Israel and other of the twenty richest countries.

Management of supply, both production and logistics of delivery are controlled ultimately by International Corporations over whom governments have little or no control. The only control the consumer can apply is to buy or not to buy. This is no choice if you live in a city and are dependent on the necessities of life provided commercially.

There were controls on all aspects of supply and demand to ensure fair prices were charged, fair wages were paid and fair profits were made.  This golden age of the mid twentieth century has gone. Nowadays all surpluses are controlled by International Corporations, with Chief Executive Officers using their inherited wealth to buy political and corporate favours to further enrich themselves.

Money not in circulation is horded and useless. It is not available to pay wages or buy goods and services or enable an entrepreneur to start a business. Investment of money, rather than hording it, allows it to circulate to the advantage of all: earners, buyers, sellers, producers and stock holders.

But Chief Executive Officers of International Corporations are able, now all controls are off, to pay their employees a pittance, charge excess prices, avoid taxation and amass wealth. This is used to buy politicians, the media and publicize their wares or services even further afield to get even richer. Many have so much money that they buy out shareholders so that all the wealth generated by the Corporation stays with them.

In addition to global warming and war humanity now faces economic disaster as electorates are disenfranchised or disabled, governments are in the hands of politicians beholden to Corporations, which are run by megalomaniacs who hoard money.

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