Survivors’ Guide: NASA

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration was set up at the end of the Eisenhower era in 1958. To catch up with the Russian sputnik program various predecessor bodies were put together as a Federal agency, independent of federal government. We shall soon see how independent it is. With an annual budget of well over $18billion , about 1% of the total federal budget, it has become a target for cuts in the current budget proposals.

NASA is an irritant to the Trump administration, dominated by Global Warming deniers, because one of its major scientific contributions is dedicated to publication of data and photographs that indicate that Global Warming deniers belong with the Flat Earth brigade.

NASA’s GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE web site, subtitled Vital Signs of the Planet, has constant update of vital statistics and revealing photographs. Currently the published data is: Carbon Dioxide up at 405.92 parts per million, Global Temperature up 1.7°F since 1880, Arctic Ice down at the rate of 13.3 % per decade, Land Ice down 281.0 gigatonnes a year and Sea level up 3.4 milliliters a year. The data is supported by five amazingly illustrated articles about Global Warming.









This NASA illustration shows the North West Passage ice free in 2014. Greenland, a land mass, still has its ice sheet over land at subzero temperatures. The North Pole ice is floating on sea water. The ice cap is likely to disappear completely during the summer 2017 and then freeze over again as winter sets in.

Global Warming is not a figment of the imaginations of anybody. Global Warming is a reality. Here and Now. The rate of warming is accelerating faster this century than last and predicted to go on doing so.  Although some action is being taken it is insufficient to reverse a well established trend and one being added to all the time;


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