Survivors’ Guide: Desertification

Earth’s biosphere is the only place where life is known for certain throughout the entire  universe. The biosphere is the flimsiest, fragile mantel of lifeforms and their support systems that clothes planet Earth. From the living depths of the Earth’s crust to the highest point in the atmosphere, reached by birds and insects, is no more than a mile or two. Most life forms are concentrated on and near the Earth’s surface, a mere thirty yards up on land and not much deeper in the oceans and seas.

All other bodies in the universe appear to be inorganic conglomerations of gaseous, fluid or solid matter with no life forms. Instead of concentrating vast effort, intellectual activity and treasure on scouring the Universe for life elsewhere, safeguarding life here is an urgent necessity. All other planets appear to be lifeless deserts. Earth could very soon join them.

Earth started out as desert but extraordinary combinations of matter and circumstances produced the simplest life forms that evolved over millions of years to the complexity and diversity we appear to be hell bent on destroying.

Diversity lessens more rapidly year on year as the living conditions of endangered species deteriorate to the level where they are no longer supported. Humans are not immune from this phenomenon. More disposable people are disposed of every year.








War disposes of places and people indiscriminately. Corporate agriculture is equally damaging. The crazy theories of politicians such as Stalin ruin the land. Some nearer home produced the enormous dust bowls of the Midwest at much the same time.

Now corporate greed amasses land for quick-profit exploitation. Rain forests are felled for profit from timber. Industrial agriculture then denatures the land with chemicals and genetically engineered plants that introduce unknown hazards into the food chain.

Phil Angell speaking on behalf of one corporation said Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much as possible. Assuring its safety is the Food and Drug Administrations job. Meanwhile bribery and corruption or Presidential proposed cuts in the funding of regulatory bodies will ensure the FDA’s job is not done properly.

Temperate zones will survive longer than equatorial ones hence the Mexican Border Wall to keep refuges out of America and the Wall’s more subtle European equivalents to keep refuges out of Europe.

Those who live in temperate zones use war and land degradation to dispose of disposable people. Then complain about the refugees they have created along with the deserts. Presumably everyone is expected to stay put and die.

This concludes the brief survey of evidence for Global Warming, with which the SURVIVORS’ GUIDE has started. Dudes will continue to go with the flow. The rest of the GUIDE will concentrate on personal and collective survival.

Thanks to bar-hain and Jordy-meow for the photographs from Unsplash.


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