Survivors’ Guide: Wake up Call

So Global Warming is indisputably for real, unless you believe the Earth is flat as well, a born no-hoper. The rest of us need to act now. Many folk have been doing stalwart work to halt Global Warming for years. But far more have not, through lethargy, inability or disinterest in the future we are bequeathing to our children and grandchildren.

The problem, as always, is big money and its use to buy politicians and warp our thinking.

Billions of dollars are tied up in fossil fuel reserves that supply most internal combustion engines, which pollute our air and stop us walking. Billions of dollars more are tied up in food chains that supply adulterated food to supermarkets. Billions of dollars are spent to prevent us knowing what we eat, drink and medicate ourselves on. Billions of dollars more are tied up in health industries, managed by insurance companies and big pharma that make them rich and keep us ill. Billions of dollars are tied up in the packaging industry that churns out rubbish by the millions of tons a day.

Billions of dollars are tied up in marketing and the media which persuade us that riding, eating chemically adulterated food, buying from supermarkets, addiction to big pharma’s dubious offerings and  plastic wrappings on everything we buy are good for us.

To hold that nothing can done to reverse rampant commercialism and corruption of politicians, senior functionaries, media and marketing types and their ilk is defeatism. Many things, such as  life style change and community engagement, can be done by everyone. Social media carry many examples of life style change and long time advocates of common sense have written helpful guides on community engagement, such as Ralph Nader’s  Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think.

Commercialism depends on folk doing what they’re told to do by big money. Big money naturally wants to generate more big money.

Freedom wants less of what commercialism has on offer and more of what is natural.

Commercialism specializes in de-skilling, creating dependence on gadgets and physical comforts.

Freedom seeks and learns new skills of independence and physical strengths.










Photographs by jo-hernandez and boris-stefanik gratefully acknowledged as is Unsplash.



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